Who are we?    Before you visit us....    About Dr. Zhao

Dr. Lee Zhao is a dedicated dental professional committed to his patients and the community as a whole. He graduated with honors from the dental school at University of Pennsylvania. U PENN dental school is considered as one of the top three dental schools in the nation. Before completing his dental study in UPENN, he also took a six-year comprehensive dental study in Dental School of Peking University, Beijing, China. In addition, Dr. Zhao obtained his Ph.D. in Physiology  from University of Louisville in Kentucky in 1990s.

Beaver Ruin Dental has been a part of this community for almost 20 YEARS. Dr. Zhao acquired this practice in 2007. Since then he has managed to put together a stable and reliable team. This new team is utilizing all resources available to let the community know we are here, ready, and able to serve any, if not all, of your dental needs.